K Mall, Mukta Cinemas and Big Bazaar in Panvel

Jul 9, 2013

Panvel Mall, Big Bazaar and Movie Theatre Update - January 2014: 
Panvel now has its very first Shopping Mall - K Mall as well as Mukta Cinemas. The Mall is located opposite Panvel station (Old Panvel) and now houses Big Bazaar. This comes as a great relief to Panvel residents who had to travel all the way to Kharghar or Vashi for shopping in a mall.

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Also, with Big Bazaar banners already in place (as on July 2013), Panvel residents, especially in the Old Panvel area, are looking forward to the launch of the hypermarket. After all, they had to take an auto rickshaw for DMart in New Panvel's Khanda Colony and the one side fare amounts to around Rs 60 as the rickshaws here do not operate as per the meter.

So we can expect a rise in the real estate rates in this part of Navi Mumbai as well.

K Mall / Mukta Cinemas / Big Bazaar Panvel Address and Location:


Yeh Panvel hai mere dost!

Oct 14, 2012

So our train pulls into Panvel station at around 11.

Annu: I feel something's burning, so much smoke!

Mrinal: No I think it's fog.

Annu: Kuch bhi, fog kaise hoga. Abhi toh Vashi mein itni heat thi. Pakka smoke hai... itne saare log bhi jama hain! (exaggeration ki aadat se majboor)

Mrinal: (Ignores unnecessary argument with wife)

We get into rick. Same smoke. We are sure it's not smog. But we are used to smog in October in Vashi. So what is it?

God decides to tell us. Rickshaw breaks down mid-way and we have to walk home for 5 mins. We take a deep breath. We feel the fresh fog! Yes, it was FOG :)

The rick broke down mid-way to tell us:
Yeh Panvel city hai mere dost, fog has arrived... forget Mumbai / Navi Mumbai ki heat! So glad to be in Panvel City now! Door hai, par duroost hai!


May 9, 2012

Fire at Centre One Mall, Vashi, reported by TV9 news on 9th May, 2012.


Mega block timings - 9 October 2011

Oct 8, 2011

Mumbai local train commuters will face a mega block on Harbour, Central as well as Western lines on Sunday, October 9, 2011.


Vashi and Belapur: No trains will run from Vashi up to Belapur/Panvel between 10.41 and 4.06 pm. No trains will run from Belapur up to Vashi between 10.48 am and 4.01 pm.

Thane and Panvel: No trains will run from Panvel from 11.03 am to 3.25 pm up to Nerul. No trains leaving Thane will run between Nerul and Panvel from 10.03 am to 2.21 pm.

Andheri and Panvel: Trains will not run between Andheri and Panvel during the mega block period.

Special trains: Special trains will be arranged between CST and Vashi, Belapur and Panvel, and Thane and Nerul during the mega block period.

Read more here - Mumbai local train: A world of its own


Central / Harbour trains' status today

Aug 28, 2011

Mumbai local train: A world of its own: Local trains running late / stopped due to rains

Status at 9.40 am on August 29, 2011:
Mankhurd-CST Harbour line closed
Kurla-CST Main line closed
Western line trains are running 10 mins late

To stay updated, join the Facebook page of Mumbai Local Trains


Koparkhairane Janamashtami Celebrations

Aug 22, 2011

Koparkhairane was abuzz with Janamashtami celebrations yesterday (August 22, 2011). The D-Mart/Panchratna restaurant junction and the one near HDFC bank branch saw hundreds of enthusiasts and Govinda tolis. Rain did not hamper the spirits as both male and female Govindas formed pyramids and the onlookers encouraged them!

Here are some of the pictures of the Dahi Handi celebrations in Koparkhairane:


Koparkhairane - all dug up!

Jan 18, 2011

"Hum road pe itney khaddey karengey ki confuse ho jaaogey ke gaadi kahaan pe chalaayein aur chalein kahaan pe."

After digging up almost all the main roads in Koparkhairane, NMMC is all set to take up footpaths as well! Already, with all the ubad-khaabad (dug up) roads, if you travel in an open vehicle / walk for over 10 minutes, you would definitely need to take a shower to wash away all the dhool-mitti (read 'sins' of those responsible for tod-phod). Not to mention the unstoppable honking resulting from the traffic jams that gives you enough sleepless nights and dark circles that no makeup can help you hide.

And now if NMMC is planning to snatch away even our footpaths for a while, be prepared to walk on stone-studded paths. I am wondering if it was worth purchasing all my new chappals... it's peak season for the cobblers at least!

I know, speaking anything about this (call it cribbing if you wish, I care a damn) will not solve anything. But at least I feel better at heart. And this once, all the more since what I feel appears in DNA's Navi Mumbai edition:

PS -  I know some authorities may say that it is all for our own good. But all roads and footpaths at the same time??? We are not planning to call it Khadda-khairane, are we?


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